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All belt promotion tests are to be of an open format. Once the test date has been posted, students shall determine whether or not to attempt the test. All tests, up to and including 1st Dan, shall be conducted by three (3) certified examiners. Lowest ranked examiner must be a minimum of two (2) belt level higher than testing candidate. All promotions after 1st Degree Black Belt will be personally awarded by Mr. Epperson. There are no "Time In Rank" or "Age Limit" requirements after 1st Dan.

Grading will be done using a simple Pass/Fail format. At least two out of the three examiners must vote in favor of passing the candidate for promotion to take place. Results will be known in no less than seven (7) days after test date for all belts up to Brown Belt. Black Belt testing candidates will know results at conclusion of Black Belt test.

All testing fees are due prior to testing. Students who do not pass will have their testing fee returned. Failing students who display a poor attitude are encouraged not to retest. Kyu rank testing is usually held every four (4) months. Black Belt testing is held once a year.

Be prepared to demonstrate individual techniques, as well as drills and free-grappling, for the examiners. All free-grappling matches will have a five (5) minute time limit.

Students are encouraged to follow proper hygiene especially keeping finger nails and toe nails trimmed and they are also encouraged to remove all jewelry before testing.


White Belt to Blue Belt

Must be a WCAF member
Must have a complete Judo Gi or Jiu-Jitsu Kimono with properly tied belt
Minimum of three (3) months training as a White Belt
$25 testing fee - due before testing
Three (3) rounds of Randori

Must be able to explain and/or demonstrate the following:
All Ground Grappling Positions
Maintaining Top Mount Position
Passing The Guard
Three (3) Throws and/or Takedowns
Three (3) Straight Arm Locks
Three (3) Bent Arm Locks
Three (3) Chokes and/or Neck Cranks
Three (3) Leg and/or Ankle Locks

Blue Belt to Purple Belt

Gi/Kimono must have Gaijin Ryu Back Patch
Minimum of six (6) months training as a Blue Belt
$50 testing fee - due before testing
Six (6) rounds of Randori

Must be able to explain and/or demonstrate the following:
Escaping from Top Mount Position
Maintaining The Guard and/or Sweeping Opponent
Six (6) Throws and/or Takedowns
Six (6) Straight Arm Locks
Six (6) Bent Arm Locks
Six (6) Chokes and/or Neck Cranks
Six (6) Leg and/or Ankle Locks

Purple Belt to Brown Belt

Minimum of nine (9) months training as a Purple Belt
$75 testing fee - due before testing
Nine (9) rounds of Randori

Must be able to explain and/or demonstrate the following:
Defending against punches
Defending against kicks
Nine (9) Throws and/or Takedowns
Nine (9) Straight Arm Locks
Nine (9) Bent Arm Locks
Nine (9) Chokes and/or Neck Cranks
Nine (9) Leg and/or Ankle Locks

Brown Belt to Black Belt

Minimum one (1) year training as a Brown Belt
$200 testing fee - due 2 weeks before testing
Twelve (12) rounds of Randori

Must be able to explain and/or demonstrate the following:
Joint Lock Flow Drills
Defending against weapons
Twelve (12) Throws and/or Takedowns
Twelve (12) Straight Arm Locks
Twelve (12) Bent Arm Locks
Twelve (12) Chokes and/or Neck Cranks
Twelve (12) Leg and/or Ankle Locks

Black Belt Cross-Rank Testing
Individuals who hold Dan ranking in a grappling art other than Gaijin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu (Judo, Sambo, Etc.) may be cross-ranked as a Gaijin Ryu Shodan. In addition to passing a pretest, they would have to pass an Official Gaijin Ryu Black Belt Test and provide the following:

$200 Testing Fee - due 2 weeks before test
Kimono must have Gaijin Ryu Back Patch
Copy of current Black Belt Certificate
Valid WCAF Membership ID
Two (2) Passport Photos

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