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At all times you should carry yourself as a true martial artist...Never be disrespectful, rude, abusive, arrogant, etc.

Perform standing Bow when stepping on and off of the work out floor.

Arrive early to start warming up. Never free-grapple before opening Bow in.

Bow In Procedure

Perform kneeling Bow to instructor at beginning of class. Higher ranking students should take a position closer to the instructor. Appointed assistant will kneel to instructor's right side facing instructor.

If you arrive after class has Bowed in, do not join class nor speak to class. Get in uniform and warm up in a separate area. Once properly warmed up, take a kneeling position exactly opposite of where assistant Bows in, to left of instructor. Remain quietly kneeling until instructor or assistant performs standing Bow towards you. Perform kneeling Bow in return and then join class.

During Class

Practice only what is being taught. Do not attempt to instruct others unless you are told specifically by instructor or assistant to do so.>

If you do not understand something, please raise your hand and ask when instructor acknowledges you. However, only ask questions that pertain to the material being covered. Do not deviate from instructor's lesson plan.

Do not leave work out area until instructor calls for a break. If you have an emergency, go to instructor and perform standing Bow before asking permission to be excused. Perform another standing Bow before walking away from instructor.


Bow Out Procedure

First, make sure that your uniform and belt are properly adjusted. Try to look as sharp Bowing Out as you did Bowing In. You should kneel in the same location as the opening Bow In. Perform Kneeling Bow to instructor. Always applaud after exceptional classes. Feel free to stay after and practice.

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